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How to migrate to Exibius

This is the complete guide on how to migrate from other communities to here.
The feature is currently available only for Windrunner.

● The first thing you want to do is to head over to the Migration page.

● Then scroll down a bit untill you see "Start Migrating..."
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● Next, you need to choose [3.3.5a] Wrath of the Lich King, download the addon and put it in your WoW directory/Interface/Addons.

● Now, what you need to do next is, log into your account where the character you want to transfer is, choose the character and enter the world.
Note: that's the account on the server you want to migrate your character from.

● Then after entering the world with your character, make sure to click and and go through everything possible.
Example: the character tab(C button), Reputation, Currency, Mounts and Pets, Achievements, Spells, Bags, Quest Log, Bank, Titles, Glyphs etc.

● Now that you've checked everything, open chat and type ''/saveme" and that's what should pop up after entering the command:
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● Now you can logout and exit the game if you want. Go to WTF > SavedVariables, then copy the file called ''SaveMe.lua'' and put in on your desktop for example.

● Now go back to the Migration page where we started and click the +New Migration button, but don't type anything yet.

● Then open WoW again and log into your Exibius account and make a new character.
Note: make sure that the character you created is the same race and class as the one you want to migrate.

● Now you can go back to the migration page where you clicked +New Migration. Then enter your Exibius account name and password, choose [3.3.5a] Windrunner realm and then choose the character you just made. After that you need to upload the "SaveMe.lua" file that we copied earlier and click Next.

● Now it's almost done. After clicking Next you will be redirected to the next step which is to check if all your items/achievements etc. were transferred successfully. Then finally click Confirm and just wait until your migration is accepted or not by an Administrator.
Note: if there's anything wrong with the migration process, please send a private message to Jeez or As7inoS on Discord.
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