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Game Master Recruitment
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Exibius is looking for Game Masters for the realms Malygos, Windrunner & Stormrage. They offer their assistance to players both in game and in the forums. They are also friendly, respectful, social, professional and most importantly respectful towards the whole community.

  • ● You must be above 16 years old.
    ● Proper communication and writing skills in English.
    ● Good teamwork skills.
    ● Great troubleshooting skills.
    ● You must have at least 10 days character played time.
    ● Must have basic knowledge of the game.
    ● Capable of working independently.
    ● Passionate to assist players.
    ● Must have never been suspended.
    ● Must have a working microphone.
    ● Your own Discord account.
Note: your application must show that you've put effort in it and you're interested in the position.
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